The Mysterious and Macabre of the University of Oklahoma

Strange sounds, secret societies, and spectres… all just a part of the darker side of OU.

While backpacking around Europe and attending every ghost tour I could find, I mentioned to a friend of mine the only local ghost story I knew,
the "Ellison Hall Ghost."  She suggested I do a ghost tour of OU; I chuckled and said, "There aren't enough stories!"

Well, I was very wrong.  Turns out there are so many stories I picked the best.  Starting October 2009, I began informal walks around campus telling the tales.

My walking tours are seventy-five minutes and open to the public.  Sign-ups are available on the OU Tours site.
A voluntary donation is collected on behalf of the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Oklahoma


Highlights of the Tour Include

Holmberg Hall

Home of our organ-playing ghost, Professor Mildred Andrews Boggess, eternally displeased with renovations.



The ’06 Rock

Once kidnapped by the DDMC secret society and buried in a graveyard, the first of many pranks.



Ellison Hall

Where a rollerskating ghost boy makes mischief.
Across the street is the site of the old Tri-Delta House, where an exorcism was performed in 1973.



Cate Center

A beheaded basement ghost
More information at Channel 9's link of David Burkhart's film.




A basketball-loving ghost



...and many more!

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